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Stories of Choice: Cesar

We will be highlighting school choice stories a couple of times each month, starting with the Cano family. Cesar is one of our SAC Award recipients that has a tremendous story of school choice, as told by his mother, Mary:

Before my son was in a private school, he attended our town’s local public school, where he did well academically but not so much in his personal growth. Our main concern was the environment he was growing up in. He’s always been a shy and quiet kid and, unfortunately, was being picked on and subjected to foul vocabulary and inappropriate discussions from his classmates. As parents, we wanted to find a school that better fit his personality in an atmosphere where he could feel comfortable. 
After one year at St. Mary’s, we have noticed a significant improvement in his behavior; St. Mary’s is a catholic school, so he is taught based on love and kindness. His social skills have improved tremendously, and he has made many friends from whom he has never received a negative comment! He now enjoys school, and we are pleased to know that he is at a place where he feels loved and cared for while excelling in the classroom, thanks to the great academic program his school offers. 
Unfortunately, too many parents struggle financially to put their children in a private school. I believe that school choice is important to remedy so that all families can find a place where their child thrives and is taught with kindness, as my family did. 

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