Current Parents/Guardians

Program Requirements:
Award Verification Report (AVRs)

At the end of each academic year, SAC will send AVRs to each of our partner schools. Your school will contact you about coming in to sign the form. This form verifies your student’s continued enrollment at the school of your choice. SAC will not continue to make scholarship payments for any student whose form has not been completed. The deadline for this form is the last day of school each academic year.

Financial Responsibility

SAC families are responsible for staying up-to-date on their current tuition payments. The parent/legal guardian must work out any financial discrepancies or payment plan options with the choice school. If the school determines that a family is not in good standing and requires that student be withdrawn, SAC will also withdraw the awarded scholarship as of the date the student is withdrawn from school.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Financial Eligibility:

Families who apply must meet our financial eligibility requirements.

2021–2022 Income Eligibility Scale

Household Size*    Maximum Total 2020 Income**

2                           $43,621
3                           $52,820
4                           $62,019
5                           $71,218
6                           $80,417
7                           $89,616
8                           $98,815

$9,199 is added for each additional family member.

Please note that your total income includes adjusted gross income tax as well as the following:

  • Social Security Income
  • Child Support
  • Government Assistance (e.g. SSI, Food Stamps, Families First, etc.)

Remember that families of Student Award Center Scholars must meet all qualifications each year.

Academic Eligibility:

GPA Requirements

To apply for our Award Program, students must have, at least, a C average. Returning scholars must maintain that average to continue receiving their scholarship. 

Grade-Level Eligibility:

Student Award Center awards scholarships to students K-12 who will be attending a partner school in Jackson-Madison County. Please keep in mind that students must be entering Kindergarten the year that their scholarship is received. High school seniors must be going into their senior year to be eligible for aid.

Conduct Eligibility:

All applicants for SAC scholarships will be given a background check. Our office will also conduct an interview with their former educators and listed references. Any students found not in good standing will not be eligible to receive an award.

Attendance Policy:

All Student Award Center Scholars should meet the attendance requirement for their chosen school each year. If a student is not in good standing with their chosen school, they will be removed from our scholar list and cease to receive scholarship funds.

***Please keep in mind that SAC will defer to our partner schools’ judgment on any of the above-listed eligibility requirements. Make sure you understand your choice school’s policies and procedures to ensure your students remain in good standing.