Student Award Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SAC Scholars use their award at any school of their choice?

SAC Scholarships can be used at any of our partner schools. For more information on which schools accept SAC Scholarships, please visit our Partner Schools page.

Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?

During our award season, West Tennessee families with children entering kindergarten-12th grade and meeting SAC requirements can receive a scholarship. The criteria used for awarding scholarships are based on our income eligibility scale, academic requirements, and conduct requirements. SAC will collect financial information from parents & legal guardians of SAC each year. SAC will verify the student’s yearly progress to remain on scholarship. At the Student Award Center, we honor and support the attendance policy for each of our partner schools. Additionally and scholars, and the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must remain financially responsible for their portion of tuition payments.

Is SAC making a difference? 

We believe that by investing in the youth of today we are giving them security that will ultimately lead to a better future for us all.