Eligibility to Apply

Make sure you read our eligibility requirements. If your family and your child qualify, you can submit an application directly on our website during the month of February.

Application FAQs:

Who is eligible to receive a scholarship through Student Award Center?

SAC accepts applications from Jackson-area residents who meet our financial, academic, attendance, and behavior requirements and will be entering Kindergarten through 12th grade. If your family or your child does not meet those requirements, you will not be eligible for a scholarship through SAC.

What is the application process?

Eligible families can submit an application on our website using the How to Apply tab at the top of the page. Once you have submitted an application you will be contacted via email by the SAC executive director, who will request further documentation.

How does SAC calculate household income?

Once you apply for a SAC scholarship, you will be contacted via email by the SAC executive director and asked to submit the following documentation for verification:

  • Earned income (the prior-year tax return(s), including Schedule C if self-employed, and W-2s and/or 1040s for all filers in the household)
  • Families First (provide Cash Issuance History)
  • SSI (provide statement with yearly amount)
  • SNAP (provide Food Stamp Issuance History)
  • Social Security (provide SSA 1099 for each household recipient)
  • Child support (provide Custodial Parent Payment Summary or a signed letter from paying party if support is not court-ordered)
  • Any other income not included in the categories above

*Please note that if you do not file taxes – we will need verification of non-filing status from the IRS.

You must provide proof of the number of people in your household by having them listed on your tax return or on the documentation of government aid or child support. SAC reserves the right to rescind any scholarship if a family provides inaccurate or incomplete financial information.

You will have until April 15th to submit these documents for review. Once you have been approved for scholarship, the SAC executive director will contact you via email and schedule a time to meet to discuss your package.

When does SAC accept applications?

SAC applications are accepted February 1st – April 1st each year.

How much are SAC scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed individually with each family.

At which schools can scholarships be used?

Scholarship can be used at any of our partner schools. We encourage all families to research all of the schools you are looking at for your child. You should take into consideration the cost to attend (including all fees and expenses), school size, atmosphere, teaching methods, special needs programs, and religious teaching – if any. For more information on choosing a school, please visit our Resources page.

Does SAC provide scholarships for daycare?

No, SAC is strictly a K-12 scholarship program.

Eligibility Requirements:

Grade Level Eligibility:

Student Award Center awards scholarships to students K-12 who will be attending private school in Jackson-Madison County. Please keep in mind that students must be entering Kindergarten the year that their scholarship is received. High school seniors must be going into their senior year to be eligible for aid.

Financial Eligibility:

Families who apply must meet our financial eligibility requirements.

2021–2022 Income Eligibility Scale

Household Size* Maximum Total 2020 Income**
2 $43,621
3 $52,820
4 $62,019
5 $71,218
6 $80,417
7 $89,616
8 98,815

$9,199 is added for each additional family member.

Please note that your total income includes adjusted gross income tax as well as the following:

  • Social Security Income
  • Child Support
  • Government Assistance (e.g. SSI, Food Stamps, Families First, etc.)

Remember that families of Student Award Center Scholars must meet all qualifications each year.

Academic Eligibility:

GPA Requirements

To apply for our Award Program, student have, at least, a C average and must maintain that average in order to continue receiving their scholarship each year.

Conduct Eligibility:

All applicants for SAC scholarships will be given a background check. Our office will also conduct an interview with their former educators and listed references. Any students found not in good standing with their choice school will not be eligible to continue receiving an award.

Attendance Policy:

All Student Award Center Scholars should meet the attendance requirement for their chosen school each year. If a student is not in good standing with their chosen school, they will be removed from our scholar list and cease to receive scholarship funds.