Stories of Choice: Jayden

Family Christian School Jackson TN, school choice, scholarships, education

We continue highlighting school choice stories with the Miller family. Jayden is one of our SAC Award recipients that has a tremendous story of school choice, as told by his father, Richard:


In our previous home state of Florida, we tried about any type of school you could imagine, from a magnet pre-K program to public and private schools. The onset of Covid 19 restrictions led us to home school our son, Jayden, in 3rd and 4th grades. In addition to being a sociable child, Jayden has ADHD behaviors, making home school difficult. When we moved to Tennessee, we wanted to choose an option that could accomodate these behaviors in a way public school could not.


Family Christian School in Jackson has provided the small classroom and individual attention our son needs to thrive academically. We like the family atmosphere, responsiveness, and involvement we are afforded as parents. It is a small school but big enough to have a lot to do and help my son transition from home schooling. The faith-based component and unconditional acceptance offered to our son has allowed us to continue treating his ADHD behaviors in a holistic way, without medication.


Ultimately as parents, it’s our calling to give our children the best possibility to succeed. There’s no disrespect intended to anyone; we have to advocate for our children. In our chosen school, I know my wishes and values as a parent will be maintained at FCS. Principal Haley Smith is heavily involved and the way she treats students as individuals, with kindness and respect, is mimicked by the staff. 


Having Student Award Center’s assistance has provided the cushion we need to be able to attend to other needs financially and be more available with our time for our son. Being supported by an organization that believes in and supports parents’ rights to choose educational options for their children has been a game changer for my family, for which we’re grateful.